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This property has type Text.
Used for noting about crystal growth characteristics or duration for a certain photo.

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A.bobe.aluminum.potassium.sulfate.1.jpg +Growth with small borax addition  +
A.busargin.ammonium.dihydrophosphate.1.jpg +Growing during 5 months  +
A.busargin.ammonium.dihydrophosphate.2.jpg +Growing during 5 months  +
A.busargin.ammonium.dihydrophosphate.3.jpg +Growing during 5 months  +
A.chernykh.chromium.potassium.sulfate.1.jpg +Growth during 1.5 month  +
A.chernykh.copper.sulfate.1.jpg +Growth in 2 months  +
A.chernykh.potassium.chloride.1.jpg +Growth during 2 months  +
A.chernykh.sodium.chloride.1.jpg +Growth for a month  +
A.chernykh.sodium.chloride.3.jpg +Growth for a month  +
A.dembitsky.chromium.ammonium.sulfate.2.jpg +Crystal coated with a layer of ammonium alum  +
A.dembitsky.chromium.ammonium.sulfate.3.jpg +Crystal of a mixture of chromium-ammonium and alumo-ammonium alum in 3:1 ratio  +
A.dvoeglazov.sodium.chloride.1.jpg +Growth from rock salt during the month  +
A.kolisnichenko.nickel.sulfate.7-hydrate.1.jpg +Heptahydrate  +
A.korchemkin.sodium.acetate.1.jpg +Slow solution evaporate at room temperature  +
A.korchemkin.sodium.acetate.2.jpg +Slow solution evaporate at room temperature  +
A.pavlukov.iron ii.sulfate.7-hydrate.1.jpg +Heptahydrate  +
A.pavlukov.iron ii.sulfate.7-hydrate.2.jpg +Heptahydrate  +
A.pavlushin.chromium-aluminum.potassium.sulfate.1.jpg +Crystal of mixture pf potassium and chrome alum, coated with a layer of pure potassium alum  +
A.pavlushin.chromium-aluminum.potassium.sulfate.2.jpg +Crystal of mixture pf potassium and chrome alum, coated with a layer of pure potassium alum  +
A.zmitrovich.aluminum.potassium.sulfate.1.jpg +Growth with small borax addition  +
A.zmitrovich.iron ii.sulfate.4-hydrate.1.jpg +Tetrahydrate  +
A.zmitrovich.potassium.chloride.1.jpg +A mixture of sodium and potassium chlorides in 3:2 ratio  +
Aluminum.potassium.sulfate.colored.1.jpg +Growth with food coloring addition  +
Brainandforce.gadolinium.acetate.micro.1.jpg +Crystals under polarizing microscope.  +
Brainandforce.gadolinium.acetate.micro.2.jpg +Crystals under polarizing microscope.  +