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About us

Crystal growing is free hobby encyclopedia about growing different compounds crystals at home or lab conditions.

There you can find pages with:

  • compounds description, includes handbooks data
  • techniques of synthesis and calculation
  • methods of growing
  • scientific information about processes occurring here

Pages are accompanied by photographs and interactive models of the final crystals.

There you can find a list of themes that will be never published where.
Also there you can find information how to support our project with donation.


Site`s content is available in multiple languages. At the moment list of languages is: Russian, English.

Wiki automatically chooses which language should be used in main page, depending on browser language settings or user preferences.
You can manually choose another language content variant using link at bottom of left-sided navigation panel.

Also wiki automatically chooses site interface language on the same preferences. You can change language in you settings page.


There is a categories system made for easy navigation, which allows to quickly find the required information.
There is category tree on the left side of the screen, at the bottom of pages there are blocks with references to compounds with the same cations, acid residues and chemical classes.


Our wiki is semantic one. It means that input text data such as physical quantities or properties values converts to computer dataset, which in turn opens up the possibility to search for the information on wiki`s pages.

There you can find a list of available semantic properties. Choose a property and press + at value you seek for getting the list of all pages with same value of property.

You can make more complex queries such a comparison of values, filtering, etc using this interface.


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