Accident prevention

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You must carry out even the most innocuous chemical experiments carefully and according with the safety precautions.

  • Firstly, warn other people and provide options in case of emergency situations. Forewarned is forearmed.
  • Work with reagents only in clean dish, which is not involved to food intake. If you use disposable cups for synthesis, after that you shouldn`t drink from them anymore!
  • The workplace should be located away from the kitchen and places you can get small children or pets. Optimally it is a separate cabinet, table, or at least oilcloth.
  • Keep reagents as far away from children, animals, the sun and the heat, kitchen as you can.
  • Dress clothes that you don`t be sorry if it becomes dirty. It is highly desirable to use gloves. Anywhere, you must wash your hands after any experiment.
  • Never try to taste chemicals! If you need to smell something do it using a small hand motion in the direction from an open container to the nose.
  • If you work with acids keep soda close to workplace, working with alkali - use vinegar or citric acid solution if you have an accident.
  • If you work with any hazardous fluids or any reaction with heat you have to wear protective goggles, for hazardous gases perform the synthesis only at open air or in a laboratory under the hood, do not rely on a gas mask.

And remember, small safety neglect and you or others lives will crippled!